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What is a book? Theoretically it is a certain number of pages with text. In practice, it is a storehouse of information, emotions and impressions. Sitting in his favorite comfortable chair, you are experiencing the world, traveling the actual countries and fantastic worlds. Depending on the mood, you can investigate a convoluted case with the famous detective, or to endure a torrid love affair. To go on a fantastic adventure, or enjoy the elegance of nature through the poetry. Books not only support your mood, but also able to fundamentally change it. So, if you are sad, take up Comedy. If you are tired from the hustle and bustle – read the classics. We need new ideas – read specialized literature. In books you can find the answer to any question. Since that how to cook soup, and ending with the search for meaning in life. Reading man does not know boredom. He is not familiar with the agonizing waiting. Even if your fiancee is late for a date, you will not worry, because in my pocket there's a fascinating book that will help pass the wait and nerves. Read books, they will help you get the most out of life opportunities.

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